About Us

Here we are in front of our project. Adri on the left, Russell on the right, staring at who knows what.

About Us

Hi there everyone,

It’s us! Your resident Trailer Babies. We also answer to Adri and Russell.

In June 2017, we did something kinda crazy. We bought a 1973 Airstream Sovereign.

Our plan is to one day travel around the United States in our big, silver bullet, park hopping and exploring all that Americana has to offer. But first, we’ve got a big ol’ project to tackle which includes a shell off renovation, complete with a chassis rebuild.

We’re taking it one step at a time and will be updating this blog once a week. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions. Or, if you’re in Austin, TX, drop in and say howdy!

Oh- and what blog would be complete without a four legged friend? I almost forgot to mention our silent partner, Abbey the dog. She’ll be making appearances throughout our Airstreamin’ adventures too!

IMG_6326 (1)
Abbey the Airstream Doodle